Tube Pre Heater


The Stord Tube Pre-heater is a shell and tube heat exchanger which is powered by waste heat from the drying process. Installation of a Stord Tube Pre-heater prior to the cooker typically saves 50% of the cooker energy. If the source of heat is reliable, the installation of the Stord Tube Pre-heater also saves capital expenditure, as the required cooker is much smaller than for a conventional process.

Pre-heating or “cooking” of fish is an important step in the fish meal process. The process breaks the fat deposits of the fish and makes it possible to separate fat from the material mechanically, before the drying process. The most common practice of cooking good raw material is to heat to 90°to 100 °C within a retention time of 15 to 20 minutes. By heating the material to 45-50°C in a Stord Tube Pre-heater, the required energy and retention time in the cooker is reduced within the same processing parameters for the raw material.

Fish from the crusher is pumped through the tubes of the Stord Tube Pre-heater. Vapors from the dryer are routed through the shell side of the pre-heater. The heat of the dryer vapors raises the temperature of the raw material by up to 45-50°C

In addition to the saving of energy for heating, the Stord Tube Pre-heater contributes to less need of cooling in the condensers. Large parts of the vapors from the dryer are condensed directly in the shell of the pre-heater.

The Stord Tube Pre-heaters are offered in different sizes and configurations with heating surfaces from 15m² to 100m².

Each Stord Tube Pre-heater is configured to fit the requirements of the customer.

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For general industry applications the Stord Tube Pre-heaters are made in stainless steel. Special steel qualities upon request.

The Stord Tube Pre-heater is heated by vapors at close to atmospheric pressure. For most applications no pressure approbation is required.

Appropriate measures, such as pressure approbation and heat protection are included on versions with live steam heating or with different operating pressure. The Stord Tube Pre-heater is often described as “the best investment ever”, when customers realize the amount of energy saved per ton of product. Many customers report a pay-back in less than 12 months