Stord Screw Press

Stord Screw Press

Mechanical separation in a Stord Twin Screw Press is a reliable and energy efficient process. The slowly rotating press screws provide durably high capacity and low maintenance costs.

The Stord Twin Screw Press is used in different application areas, such as fish meal processing and slaughterhouse by- products processing.

Processing in the Stord Twin Screw Press is a continuous process. Typically, material is fed from a pre-heater (cooker) to the press at the inlet end and the press cake is taken out in conveyors from the outlet end.

The Stord Twin Screw Press technology is used for de watering and fat control in many processes

Stord Twin Screw Press are offered in numerous sizes and configurations. Each machine is configured to fit the requirements of the customer.

As an option the fluids tray of the Stord Twin Screw Press is equipped with a sludge screw or a flushing system. Various mechanical options and instruments for process control can be included in the delivery.

The design of the Stord Twin Screw Press is adapted to the application and is offered with strainer plates or step drilled screens. The machines are offered with different material configurations. For general industry applications the presses are made in high grade carbon steel or stainless steel.

Stord Screw Press 2
Stord Screw Press 3

Stord Twin Screw Presses are offered with different electrical configurations, such as 50Hz/60Hz, 400V. Machines delivered onshore in the EU carry a CE mark.

TypeNom.Cap t/hr
SP-180,5 – 1
SP-242 – 3
SP-35S5 – 6
SP-356 – 7
SP-4110 – 12
SP-4915 – 18
SP-5620 – 25
SP-6430 – 40
SP-64L45 – 50