Service and spares

Stord Process is a Norwegian company with a long history and a comprehensive product portfolio. We offer thermal and mechanical dewatering equipment for the fish and meat rendering industries worldwide.

Our service personnel provide spare parts and service for our own machines, as well as for many others.

Stord Process cooperates with Flottweg in Germany, and we are an official service provider for Flottweg machines in Norway.

Spare Parts

The Stord Process Service Team supports users with mechanical work on site and provides spare parts for own and third party products. Our team is available for service and repair work and we provide supervision of installation for new machines.

Flottweg Service

The Stord Process Service Team is trained at the Flottweg Academy in Germany. Having Stord Process as an official service provider in Norway enables Flottweg SE to offer quick and reliable service with Norwegian staff. The service is sold through Flottweg SE with the same guaranteed quality of workmanship and level of precision as our customers are used to.

We are based in Bergen with easy access to most Norwegian locations.

You can reach us through the official Flottweg channel:, or if you prefer us to convey your message we can be reached on

The official sales channel for Flottweg machines in Norway is through Norprocess as: