Meal Cooler

meal cooler

A Stord Meal Cooler is an efficient air cooler for fish meal.

Ambient air is sucked into the machine in counterflow with the meal from the drying process. The cooling capacity is depending on the mass flow of meal and the temperature of the ambient air. In typical conditions meal at 80-90°C is mixed with ambient air at 20-30°C. The meal is cooled to a target temperature of 40-50°C.

Cooling in the Stord Meal Cooler is a continuous process. Hot material from the dryer is fed to the stator at the inlet end and the dry product is taken out in conveyors from the outlet end.

Stord Meal Coolers are offered in different sizes and configurations. Available nominal capacity from 1.000 to 10.000 kg/h of dry fish meal.

The layout of the Stord Meal Cooler is adapted to the application and is offered in right-hand or left-hand execution.

The outlet is a side mounted gate valve or a bottom screw conveyor. The drive may be installed in the inlet- or outlet end.

Stord Meal Coolers are offered in different materials. For general industry applications the units are made in high grade carbon steel or stainless steel.

For the European market we offer CE marked units with ATEX Cat. 2 Compliance.