Fish Meal Plant

fish meal plant

The Stord Compact Fish Meal Plant is a complete fish meal process. The system is always of a custom design and always adapted to the specific ship. In most cases the FMP is integrated in the control system
of the ship and is adapted to
surrounding equipment, such as a fillet factory, steam boiler etc.

The systems can be made for new-build trawlers or for retrofitting in existing ships. The system may comprise a set of individual machinery or be a complete interconnected design with tanks, platforms and control systems.

The Stord Compact Fish Meal Plants
typically consists of:

  • A feed system with breaker, feed hopper, screw conveyor or feed pump.
  • A Stord Screw Cooker, often accompanied by a Stord Tube Preheater.
  • A Stord Twin Screw Press with a rotating strainer as the first step of dewatering.
  • A Stord Disc Dryer with feeding and discharge systems, vapor condenser and steam system.
  • Fluids separation and oil polishing equipment.
  • Milling and meal handling with bagging.
  • Control system and integration to the ship.
fish meal plant 2