Disc Dryer

Disc dryer 1

A Stord Disc Dryer is indirectly heated. Steam inside the rotor heats the raw material on the outside. The water in the raw material evaporates and is transported from the vapor dome through ducts to a condensation system.

The Stord Disc Dryer is used in different application areas, such as fish meal processing and slaughterhouse byproducts processing.

Drying in the Stord Disc Dryer is a continuous process. Raw material is fed to the stator at the inlet end and the dry product is taken out in conveyors from the outlet end.

The Stord Disc Dryer technology is used in different pre-heating, cooking, drying and frying applications.

Stord Disc Dryers are offered in numerous sizes and configurations. Available heating surface from 30m² to 600m². Each machine is configured to fit the requirements of the customer.

A steam heated stator is offered as an optional feature on all Stord Disc Dryers. Dryers with a steam jacket provide more heating surface within the same floor space compared to conventional units.

The layout of the Stord Disc Dryer is adapted to the application and is offered in right-hand or left-hand execution. The outlet is a side mounted gate valve or a bottom screw conveyor. The drive may be installed in the inlet- or outlet end and the steam arrangements are located at the opposite side as the drive.

Stord Disc Dryers are offered in different materials. For general industry applications the dryers are made in high grade carbon steel or stainless steel.

The rotor of the Stord Disc Dryer is heated by steam and may be designed for different pressures and different approbation regimes. For European on- shore applications, the most common is 6 barg steam pressure and PED approbation. Upon request design pressure of up to 10 barg is supported.

Different approbation is required for different locations. Stord Process offers dryers with PED 2014/68/EU, ASME VIII, DNV III, AS1210, or other certificates upon request.

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